In the form of self-portraits, I reconstruct cases that involve the death of anonymous women. I draw upon existing photographic images or visual documents (press or police records and the like). By applying a dossier-like logic and using perishable means and materials, my aim is to reproduce those cases by evoking, not only the original scene and records, but also the sordidness and detachment involved in their publication. The whole series is printed in inkjet on 70g poster paper, and it is shown on the reverse side. The production was carried out between 2012 and 2013 in Buenos Aires. The final pieces maintain the scale 1: 1 with my body and are hung with tape to the walls of the gallery.


Alicia Muñiz February 14, 1988. Mar del Plata, Province of Buenos Aires. Argentina. Cf Magazine GENTE Nro.1178. 110x170cm

Black Dalhia Elizabeth Short - January 15, 1947. Leimert Park, Los Angeles, California. USA. 110x200cm

Anonymous Woman found in her bathtub. Berlin, Deustchland - c1965. 110x230cm

Nancy Laura Spungen October 12, 1978. Manhattan. New York, USA. 110x200cm

Gibby Folguer Abigail Anne Folger - August 9, 1969. Victim of the Manson Clan. Los Angeles, California, USA. 110x160cm

Chikatilo Body Larisa Tkachenko - 1978. 2nd victim of serial killer Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo. Rostov, Russia. 110x210cm

Regina Lisso Daughter of the Deputy Mayor of Leipzig. April 18, 1945. Neues Rathaus. Leipzig, Deustchland. Cf Lee Miller. 110x200cm





The End of Appearance Installation project exhibited in
MACBA Contemporary Art Museum of Buenos Aires 2016
CI Centro de la Imagen City of Mexico 2017

The images of this installation are part of the original Reconstruction series. For this installation, two new pieces were created. All of them hang from the ceiling of the gallery. Just one piece (Chicatilo) rests on the floor in an extensive line of copy that progresses progressively in its tonality of copy in a gradient from 0 to 100 on a 5 parts display.


Lucas Body Anonymous, 1981. Corona, California, United States. 220x110cm

Rigor Mortis Anonymous, 1985. Woman found in her laundry. Asunción, Paraguay. 230x110cm